Diesel Repair and Maintenance in Boerne Texas

Service tools.jpgAt Jennings Anderson Ford, we love our Ford trucks. Sometimes the truck that best fits your needs has a diesel engine, and our service department is ready to help you maintain its unique system! Two Senior Master Certified Technicians and two Master Certified Technicians are in our service department, and through their coursed they have learned the special requirements of vehicles with diesel engines as opposed to a standard engine. 

Tune ups are important for all engines, but especially for diesel ones!ServiceTools2.jpg Our technicians will take a look to make sure that your engine is operating at peak performance and achieving maximum fuel efficiency. We’re also ready to repair your emissions systems. Oil changes for diesel engines are also different than ones for more traditional engines, so bring your truck in to Jennings Anderson for to make sure that the job is done correctly. An incorrect oil change can shave years off the life of your vehicle, so make sure it’s being cared for properly!

One of the most common issues we see with diesel engines is with the fuel injectors and filters. Because diesel fuel is refined differently, it puts more wear and tear on the filters and fuel injectors. To stop any problems in their tracks, proper maintenance is required to keep your engine running well and prevent any future break downs. 

From 2012-2014, Jennings Anderson Ford has been #1 for brakes, tires, and batteries in our area. Visit our dealership to learn firsthand about our great customer service and care. We are committed to serving all of our neighbors in Boerne, San Antonio, and Hill Country and to keeping their rides running for years to come. For more information about diesel repair for your vehicle, contact us or visit the Jennings Anderson Ford Service Department page.