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We’re proud to serve our town of Boerne, Texas! Our name might be a big hard to pronounce (Bur-nee, not Born-e), but we’re an easy town to love. Boerne sits on Interstate 10, not far north of San Antonio, and is the seat of Kendall County. It was settled over 150 years ago by German immigrants, and it’s not hard to see when you look at our street names like Haupstrasse. The town’s name was originally called ‘Tusculum’, which is also the name of the philosopher Cicero’s home in ancient Rome. The name was changed to Boerne in 1852 when the town was named in honor of the German poet Ludwig Börne. If you visit Boerne’s historic downtown you can also see the German influence in the buildings’ architecture. German culture also lives on in Boerne with groups like the Boerne Schuetzen Verein, a shooting club opened in 1864, and the Boerne Village Band founded around 1860. For more information about the history of Boerne, visit the City of Boerne’s History page.


If you’re looking for things to do in Boerne today, take a walk along the Cibolo Creek! It flows downtown, and its cypress-lined paths lead to the Cibolo Nature Center for exploration and events. On the second weekend of every month, Boerne Market Days set up shop in the historic district with booths full of vendors, crafts, and music for a day of shopping and community. The many shops along Haupstrasse also offer great places for tasty treats, gifts, and hard-to-find antiques.


If you’re ever visiting the San Antonio area, come north to Boerne! We’ll be ready for you at Jennings Anderson Ford with a great inventory of new and used Ford vehicles and a service department ready to help keep your car running well and for many years to come. And after you visit the dealership, visit our town of Boerne and fall in love like we have!